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Color matching each one of these screens is done with what is called a “hockey puck” (the item sitting on the second to last screen). It picks up the heat off a pure white screen and each screen can match the one before it so all the colors match when you see those walls of moitors which make up a huge single display. It’s fun learning a new industry… #newjob #AandV #audioandvisual #tv #technology (at Muse Presentation Technologies)

Had my first float experience in an isolation tank this morning. Really interesting experience…kept hitting the sides of the tank at first but eventually got into a position in which I was fine. Very relaxing and with use time could be used as a tool for deep thought and meditiation. Did a 2 hour session and will be back again for another session in the near future! Big thanks to Rosanne at the Float Lab for walking me through my first float! #floationtherapy #float #isolationtank #floatlounge #lagunabeach #johnclilly (at The Float Lounge)

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