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Interesting report from the Pew Research Center on what’s known as the “Spiral of Silence” and its relation to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The report took just over 1,800 adults and asked them about their feelings on the Edward Snowden / NSA case and about their willingness to share their feelings both online and in personal gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers. Not only did results show that people were less willing to discuss the Snowden story online than in person, it also revealed that people were more willing to share their feelings both on and offline if only their audience agreed with them. In my opinion, people are too fearful of what others may think about them if they stray from the collective of groupthink mentality of our modern world. Fear of being called a “kooky conspiracy theorist” limits people’s ability to speak their true feelings. Rather than thinking like an individual, many are consumed with the need to be accepted by their peers and fellow human beings. Speaking out an opinion that strays from the norm opens you up to the chance of being marginalized. We need to seriously shift this paradigm and use social media for ideas outside of the mainstream. People will always be judgemental of others opinions and actions…fuck ‘em. #pewresearchcenter #poll #socialmedia #politicallycorrect #groupthink #edwardsnowden #independentthought #nsa #truth

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