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This goes to my buddy @mistalemon … as an A’s fan, he talked mad shit about the San Diego Padres fans and their lack of energy when they were down against the Giants a few weeks ago down in SD. A’s fans are top notch when it comes to participation and cheering (minus the fucking “Wave” during the 80s and 90s). With the home advantage at work tonight, it’s clear the crowd has an effect on the game. I wish them the best of luck this year…hopes for another Bay Bridge World Series #props #oaklandas #homerun #walkoffhr #joshdonaldson #oaklandasfans #hatsoff

With more and more people slapping “I’m Ready For Hillary in ‘16” stickers on their cars, I think it’s time for some preventative election activism. I will be making up fliers / leaflets pointing out the pro-war, anti liberty, pro police state polices of Mrs. Clinton…and making clear that if you’re voting for her mainly because she’s a democrat, but more importantly a woman, you’re a sexist hypocrite…much like anyone who voted for Obama because he was black (without really knowing his stance on the issues) is a racist. I will have a bunch of these in my car and will be leaving them on car windows on parked cars who tote the sticker. Time to educate the dumbed down idiot masses to what they should already know. #hillaryclinton #clinton2016 #prowar #democrat #politics #imreadyforhillary #women #wakeup #activism

Love this from @thepowerofmind_soul … hell, I’ll take a deep philosophical conversation at anytime of the day! So tired of the mundane topics of conversation of the modern day human being…usually about some TV show or other trivial pop culture distraction. Give me some passion, give me something interesting! We are living when information is so easily available and accessable and you want to talk about some bullshit reality tv show?! #truth #philosophy #reality #realshit #wakeup #livelife #stopbeingspectators

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