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It’s said that animals can sense and become very protective of pregnant gaurdians due to the increased hormones…I’m pretty sure this is the case with our Bear because he’s become very clingy to Nat over the past few weeks. I walk into the bedroom to see him laying next to her with his paw on her arm. Crazy. #catssofinstagram #pregnant #cute

It’s well documented that the CIA helped fund and train Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups known to have ties to terrorist activities…so I for one second don’t buy all this talk on Isis being the next “enemy” to fight. There is big money to be made in fight wars…or dropping bombs on innocent people. No enemy, no profit. I don’t buy this shit at all… #bullshitdetector #knowyourhistory #cia #isis #warisaracket #obama #militaryindustrialcomplex

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